Touching lives

      Currently I have two clients, a husband and wife, both who are experiencing forms of dementia.  Their experience is made harder because they are both experiencing a decline in abilities.  As I think about it though this really speaks to all of us,  all who experience decline along with their

loved one.  


     Whether it's a loved one, a friend or a family member, your care of them may  be a difficult experience for both of you.  You are seeing the changes, deficits that this person is experiencing or has experienced.  They may be aware of what they used to be able to do, but can't anymore.  


     Companions in Care is here to be a part of their journey.  What we offer is a more holistic approach to their care, something that may be perceived as a gentler approach to caring.  At Companions in Care we focus on the whole person, not just the illness or the changes that person has experienced.  Companions in Care is based on the idea that we are each a person- regardless of whatever the illness or the aging process has done to us.  This person, the inner self, is a person to be recognized as more than a patient, or an elder with Alzheimer's or some other issue of aging.


     Our goal is to minister to the whole person.  Sometimes that means to take a step back and think as they do.  What is easier, more comforting or less disruptive for them?  As these questions are answered, new ones come to the surface.  What can we do to contribute to their wellness and wholeness?  How may we best  be their companion in care?


     Sometimes a touch or a prayer.  Sometimes talk or tears.  Sometimes a shared silence or perhaps something more.  Whatever it is, we will be with them on their journey.  



















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   Companions in           Care

   "a ministry of caring"


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Our Mission:

To be a caring companion.  To journey with the elderly and with their families.  To help to create a life-giving spirit of wellness and wholeness for each person as we help them to stay in their home.


Companions in Care is certified through the National Alzheimers Association in basic and advanced Alzheimer's care

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