Services Offered

For your loved one

   Assistance with Activities of Daily Living  (ADL'S)- ADL's consist of bathing, dressing,  and toileting- Instrumental ADL'S consist of  shopping for, running errands, making  scheduled appointments etc.-  Companions in  Care offers assistance with each of these.  We  are insured to provide transportation to  meet  your loved one's needs.  


 Alzheimer's/Dementia Care-  When a family  member suffers from Alzheimer's or any  other form of dementia, it can be difficult for  everyone.  Companions in Care is here to help.  Through the use of techniques like framing,  engaging and redirecting, we will work with  your loved one.  Using the stories shared with  us by your loved one, we may create a journal  of their life experiences.

 It is surprising what we are still able to  remember as we get older.  Getting it all  written down can be important.  Especially to  pass on to furture generations.  


 Companionship- Companionship with a heart of  care and attention to the overall health and  wellness of your loved one is of primary  importance to us at Companions in Care.  Companionship services range from simple  conversation to working crafts, playing games,  working puzzles, reading to the client and  assistance with daily tasks.  It  has been found that mental, visual and auditory  stimulation can have a profound effect in the  day-to-day wellness and wholeness of the  client.     




Or the family caregiver

    A self-care day away-  Because we  don't  always need "days" away to refocus  ourselves  and recharge our engines, I came up  with this  idea.  It sort of mimics something  that we did  at the convent- providing a day  for self-care  and time so that you can focus  on other  interests.  A day for whatever you  need to do.  Pick the time that works best for  you and we  will be there so that you can enjoy  your day  away. 


 Respite Care-  I think that all caregivers  would agree that "We all need a longer break  now and then."  Companions in Care is ready to  help you to take some much  needed time  away.  We will cover most any  daytime shifts  and if  arrangements are made  ahead of time,  we will  try to cover overnights  as well.    


Advance Meal Prep-  We know that cooking  can  be a difficult and time-consuming task.  Advance meal prep is a service available

 through Companions in Care.  In addition to  meals prepared for the day, which are a part of  the daily rate, meals may be prepared in  advance and frozen for your convenience,   If  you are interested, please speak with us for  more information.

                             Rates For Services

The rates for services may vary slightly, however the basic rate       

                        for services is $24.00 per hour.   



                 *Companions in Care is fully licensed and insured*

   Companions in           Care

   "a ministry of caring"


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Our Mission:

To be a caring companion.  To journey with the elderly and with their families.  To help to create a life-giving spirit of wellness and wholeness for each person as we help them to stay in their home.


Companions in Care is certified through the National Alzheimers Association in basic and advanced Alzheimer's care

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