a ministry of caring....


   Companions in Care was started because as a nurse, a  religious sister and a hospital chaplain I saw first-hand the  value of one-on-one interactions with those that I served.  At  Companions in Care, we focus on building that

 one-on-one relationship of care with your loved one. 


      While some people do need more advanced medical care  due  to illness, others simply need someone by their side to  help  them to remain at home.  We help to create a truly life-  giving  environmentfor your loved one.  An environment of  ability,  reinforcing all that they are able to  do and assisting  in the harder places or "trouble spots". 


       Because each case is handled by one caregiver, care is  personalized, eliminating any feelings of "unease" due to the  unfamiliarity of a new or different caregiver.  Through the  use  of techniques such as framing and redirecting, the  journey is  made a little easier for your loved one.


        When care is enriched by experience it brings about a

 more fluid care, a transparent care that adapts to each  individual.  I invite you to give Companions in Care a call!   


                         Good Health and Blessings!





                             *Companions in Care is fully licensed and insured*

   Companions in           Care

   "a ministry of caring"


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Our Mission:

To be a caring companion.  To journey with the elderly and with their families.  To help to create a life-giving spirit of wellness and wholeness for each person as we help them to stay in their home.


Companions in Care is certified through the National Alzheimers Association in basic and advanced Alzheimer's care

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